Title: Drink!
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yindagger's Birthday Challenge.
Spoilers: Season 7
Disclaimer: No, they aren't mine. I just like to play with them.
Feedback: Good for my soul and writer's block
Archive: Want, take, have.
Notes: Title comes from the song Drink! by They Might Be Giants. Happy Birthday Yindagger.

"You pushed me down in the mud, Spike!"

"I saved you from getting your head sliced off by a Lorthnal demon, Xander!"

"You're paying for the dry cleaning on this coat, pal." Xander huffed and turned to walk away, when he suddenly stopped and looked back at the blond vampire. "Look, I'm sorry. It's just that I just got this coat today and it cost me a bundle. It was stupid of me to wear it on patrol, but I wanted to show it off. I know you were just trying to help."

"Fine. Let's just go get a drink and forget about it." Xander nodded and they headed out the door of the apartment.

Neither man was in the mood for the bustle and noise of the Bronze, so Spike suggested another bar. A demon friend of his, Noj, ran the place and managed to keep the aggression to a minimum. Of course, that could have something to do with Noj looking a lot like Arnold Schwartzenagger, only bigger. "Noj! You met Xander?" The bartender shook his head and held out his large hand, his large, pale blue hand.

Xander looked at Spike, who smirked and nodded, before he placed his hand in the demon's. "Nice to meet you, Noj. I'm Xander," he said nervously. Noj smiled and nodded as he gently shook the mortal's comparatively small hand.

"Hey, Spike," Noj's voice squeaked, much too high-pitched for the large body. "I sold that autographed Sex Pistols album for you," he said, handing a $1 bill to the blond. Spike looked at the bill, then to Xander, who was trying not to laugh at the effeminate voice, then to Noj.

"Please tell me that you got more than that for it!" He didn't care if his friend was over seven-foot tall, he'd rip his head off if that was all he got for the record signed by the entire band.

Noj laughed, it sounded like tiny bells tinkling softly. "Of course I got more for it. But, most of it went to pay your tab, I paid in advance for about five gallons of human, O-neg. Yes, I have it written down, so Saffi won't charge you for a while. I also got you that CD you wanted. No one else here listens to They Might Be Giants, so I figured you could pay a couple of bucks for it. That's what's left." Noj reached under the bar and pulled out a CD and a fishbowl. Handing them to Spike, "The bid also included an assortment of fish. If you want, there are some Wemics that come by pretty regularly. I could see if Fluffy and Patches want to buy them. Bet they'd love them deep-fried alongside their saucers of milk."

"What's a Wemic?"

"Cat-like creatures," Spike explained. "Covered in fur, walk on two legs. They all have six nipples, but the females only have two breasts. The extra nipples are flat on the belly, not actually on the breasts. Interesting creatures, actually." Xander just stared at his dizzying babble, before taking a long blink. The blond turned back to the bartender, "Yeah, mate. Sell 'em for what you can and put it towards the tab I'm gonna build tonight." Spike took the CD and the bottle of Jack that Noj held out and walked to a table in the corner. The brunet grabbed the proffered glasses and followed his vampiric friend.


[Drink! Drink! This town is so great
Drink! Drink! cause it's never too late to
Drink! Drink! to no big surprise
But what words rhyme with buried alive?
But what words rhyme with buried alive?]

Spike and Xander sang the chorus at the top of their lungs, laughing and tipping back the last of their third bottle of whiskey. "So," Xander snickered, "do you think that they were singing about Sunnydale? I mean, the song just fits, ya know?" He nodded, then suddenly, Spike's expression became very sober and slightly shy. "What?" the brunet asked, worried that he had something on his face or that he had said something stupid.

"Nothing… except…" Spike was stalling. He took another drink and looked into Xander's eyes. Eyes that were begging for him to continue. "Were you serious about wanting to be gay? I’m almost positive I could have phrased that better, but I'm drunk, so that's the best I can do."

Xander thought for a moment. He wasn't prepared for that question and, in fact, had forgotten that he had made the comment several weeks before. "Eh, maybe. I mean, I'm still very 'up' with girls, but if I'm honest with myself, men have been turning me on since high school." He thought back to his brief time on the swim team with a smile. "Anyway, I guess that I'm bi, but I've had no… experience with men." Both men had their chairs in the corner of the bar, the table in front of them, and beyond that, the rest of the bar, complete with a mix of twenty to thirty demons and humans. Xander slipped his hand onto Spike's thigh, "What about you? You have any experience with men?" His voice was soft and coy.

Spike swallowed hard, being drunk, he had a difficult time stopping himself from grabbing the man, throwing him down on the table and fucking him senseless. Instead, he placed his cool hand over the warm one, looked Xander in the eyes and moved their joined hands steadily up his thigh as he spoke, "Yes, Xander, I've been with men. I was still a virgin when I was turned, but I had some very friendly mates. After I was turned, Angelus took me to his bed whenever Darla decided to go play with the minions. After he got his soul and left us, on a rare occasion I would get restless taking care of Dru, and I'd go find someone. I learned well how to both bottom and top." Their hands came to rest on the thick column of flesh tucked away inside Spike's jeans and he bit back a moan when Xander squeezed lightly. His eyes rolled back in his head and his lids fluttered closed for a brief moment before he continued, "Want to take you to a quiet, secluded place, strip you naked and lick every inch of your body. I want to suck your cock until you're hard enough to cut diamonds, tease that little patch of skin behind your bollocks with the tip of me tongue, then prepare that sweet little virgin arsehole for my cock. I'll make sure it's good for you, that you're nice and stretched and slick before I slide inside you. Inside that heat, that tightness."

Xander's hand continued to rub the denim covered flesh as Spike's words wound around him as smoothly as the vampire's cool hand slipped inside the loose-fitting khakis. He gasped as that hand wrapped lightly around his hot, swollen member and began stroking. "I'd thrust into you with long, slow strokes, hitting that little nubbin inside that'll make you see stars. Oh, Pet, I wanna make love to you, wanna cum inside you while I look into your eyes." He leaned over and licked the shell of Xander's ear. "What do you want, Xander?"

Xander sat, frozen, in his seat. His eyes rolled back in his head slightly as he swallowed and panted. "I… I…" he stammered. "I think I w-wanna go home." Spike looked confused. "If we do any of what you ju-just said in here, we… we'll get arrested." The words barely left his lips when Spike quickly took his hand out of Xander's pants and stood. He picked up the human and tossed him over his shoulder and carried him out of the bar. Xander squeaked and they both laughed as they exited the bar. He tried to wriggle out of the blond's arms and got a swat on the ass for his trouble. "Spike, put me down," he laughed. "I can walk."

Spike paused on the street, thought for a moment, then continued walking, "Nah, it's quicker this way." He got them to Xander's apartment in about half the time it normally would have taken and stood in front of the door, searching for keys. "Pet, where're your keys?"

"Put me down, please," he giggled a 'manly' giggle. Spike finally obliged and set him on his feet, then jammed his hands into Xander's pockets. One hand reappeared holding a set of keys, only to return it to the pocket when Xander took the keys. Spike rested his chin on Xander's shoulder as he fondled the man's cock and balls through the thin fabric of his pockets and boxers. Xander moaned at the sensation, "What are you doing?"

"Helping you unlock the door."

"Don't help. It never helps when you help." Spike effectively ignored the token protest in favor of sucking on a warm earlobe as they tumbled through the door. Xander somehow managed to lock the door before being carried to the bedroom and stripped naked. Spike laid him down and kissed and nipped down his chest, mapping out every contour with lips and tongue and teeth. He poured every bit of love and hope into his actions as he did everything he promised to in the bar and more to the writhing, highly responsive human under and around him.

"I love you, Xander," he cried out as he came inside the tight heat.

Xander looked into the sultry blue eyes and saw honesty and love burning in them. At that moment, he realized that this creature, vampire… this man, was the one he belonged with. They had tried to hate each other for so long, but ended up in each other's arms. At that moment, he realized that he loved the man that just made him orgasm three times in an hour. "Oh, God, Spike… William… I love you too."

The End

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