Notes: # # Spike's thoughts, ^ ^ Xander's thoughts

Part 1

Spike flicked the end of his current cigarette into and alley and decided to head back to his crypt. #Boring night, boring and long, with no demons to kill or...#

A faint clang in a nearby alley drew his attention from his thoughts.

#What was that...#

Spike moved quietly towards the dark alley. #Maybe a demon that I can kill tonight after all.# Of course, that's not what he saw at all. Actually, he saw Xander savagely ripping into three vampires. He was moving nothing like himself. In fact, if Spike had had to say who was fighting, just by the moves, he'd have said it was Buffy. Considering that move Xander had just pulled off, he must be super strong as well. Spike had never seen Xander use his caught foot as leverage to kick a demon in the face with his other, but Buffy had, just last night as a matter of fact. Perhaps the night had gotten less boring after all.

Spike watched in awe as Xander worked. He considered jumping in to help when one of the vamps caught him around the throat, but Xander slammed his head back into the demon, breaking his nose and causing him to relax his grip on the human's neck. Within seconds, all three vampires were nothing more than clouds of dust surrounding the man. Xander, however dropped the stake where he stood and walked calmly out of the alley. He seemed unaware of his surroundings, not to mention the blond vampire following half a block behind him.

He headed home, the walk uneventful, and entered his apartment as if on auto-pilot. That was when Spike noticed Xander's clothes. The dark-haired man wore only a light-weight jacket and a pair of loose-fitting sweatpants. No shirt, no shoes. #What the hell is going on with that boy?#

The next morning, Xander woke for work, as usual. ^Looks like another day of too much coffee and half a bottle of No Doze.^ The past month, he had been more tired in the morning than when he went to sleep. The company nurse didn't know what was wrong, but suggested it was stress and would pass. After all, Anya had left him and it would take a while to get used to sleeping alone again.

**One Month Earlier**

"I can't take it anymore, Xander," Anya said as she pulled clothes out of the closet and shoved them into boxes. "It was cute for a while, you all gung-ho about helping Buffy slay. Very manly." She picked up the box and carried it to the door, putting it down next to several other boxes of her belongings.


"No, Xander," she interrupted. "You're just going to get yourself hurt. I can't be around to see that. Now, help me carry this stuff to my car." Xander stood there, in shock, then pointedly ignored the request for help by turning and walking out of the apartment.


"I know it's different for us, but we're doing a girls/guys split tonight," Buffy said, preparing to go take care of the latest beastie. "Willow and Tara, you're with me. I need your magick… that binding spell we talked about. Xander, Giles, and Spike, I need you guys to take down the nest in the old factory."

Everyone nodded, grabbing their supplies. Spike wondered just how much he would be needed, remembering the way Xander had fought the night before. #Graceful.#

"My old digs," Spike murmured, standing in front of the factory. "Right," he spoke to the two men. "Even the dumbest of fledges will have the main door blocked. Best to climb up and go in through that window on the second floor." Spike led the way up, Giles directly behind him and Xander last.

Inside, they found a nest of seven fledgling vampires. Giles took out two with his crossbow before their presence was noticed. Spike jumped down into the midst of three vamps, while two jumped up to attack the humans. The blond quickly dusted his three foes and looked up in time to see Giles stake the one pursuing him. Xander, on the other hand, was having trouble. Every punch he threw was countered easily.

"Quit toying with him, boy," Spike called up.

"Not toying, Spike. I could use a little help here." Spike just shook his head and hopped up behind the fledge. He stood there for a moment, watching as Xander fumbled through a few punches and blocks, before dusting him. "Thanks, Spike. What took so long? I was getting my ass kicked."

"Just thought that after last night, you wouldn't need any help." Spike lit up a cigarette and headed out of the factory.

"What the hell are you talking about? All I did last night was sleep," Xander said, amazed. "Not very well, but still, I was in bed all night." For once, Spike decided to go against his nature and didn't argue with the mortal. Of course, it wasn't 'to keep the peace' or anything like that. Instead, it was so the blond could puzzle out what was happening. The young human had power and Spike wanted to know why.

"Well, if you don't need me anymore tonight," Spike waved as he walked away. Giles and Xander turned and walked in the opposite direction, toward the Magic Box. The vampire circled around and followed them in the shadows, wanting to keep an eye on Xander.

Once the girls returned from the successful binding, they decided to unwind at the Bronze. Xander begged off, claiming fatigue, and headed home. At the apartment, Xander went through the nightly routine that Spike had become familiar with when they lived together in the Basement of Doom. Shower, brush teeth, use the toilet, then bed in a pair of loose-fitting sweatpants.

#You'd think, as young as he is, demon bint gone, he'd have a wank before falling asleep.# He lit another cigarette as he stood under a tree, looking up at the windows of Xander's apartment. An hour passed, then another. Finally, at 2AM, Spike noticed movement in the apartment. Xander hadn't turned on the light, just slipped on his jacket and walked out the door.

Following at a safe distance, Spike watched as the human approached, attacked and slaughtered various vamps and demons. He was drawn in to the power and grace the man exhibited. Just as Spike realized that he had gotten too close, Xander's eyes shot up and peered out from the cloud of dust surrounding him. The vampire froze. Xander stalked over with a heated look in his eyes.

"Xander, it's me… It's Spike," the vampire sputtered, putting his hands up. He was prepared to counter an attack, but the hungry gaze held him locked in place. Spike tilted his head in question and Xander took advantage of the position. He lunged in and bit him harshly on the exposed neck. One hand kept the vampire's head tilted, while the other drifted down and squeezed Spike's ass.

Spike gasped and moaned as Xander's teeth ripped into his skin. He was hard instantly. His hands copied the human's, one holding the dark head in place at his neck, the other bringing their hips close enough that their erections rubbed together. The two thrust against each other for a few minutes, Xander having stopped biting and moved on to licking and sniffing the aroused blond. He pushed Spike to the ground and straddled him. The thrusting, nipping, licking and kissing became more and more frantic, building speed and urgency, until Xander growled out one work, "Cum." Both climaxed and while Spike lay back on the ground to enjoy the post-orgasmic buzz, Xander stood as though nothing had happened and walked back home.

Xander woke the next day, tired, but strangely fulfilled and sated. He walked out to the living room to find the curtains drawn closed and a bleached blond vampire curled up under his duster, sleeping. ^He looks so innocent when he sleeps. I wonder what he's doing here.^ He couldn't figure out why, but he knew that Spike belonged here, with him. Quietly, Xander went back into his bedroom and grabbed the blanket off his bed and covered Spike with it. Instinctively, Spike put the blanket up to his face and inhaled deeply in his sleep. A small smile ghosted across both their faces and Xander went to get ready for work.

Part 2

Spike woke when he heard the water running in the kitchen. The scent of Xander surrounded him more than when he went to sleep on the couch. He noticed the blanket that was now covering him and smiled. The water shut off and Spike turned his head too quickly toward the kitchen. The pain from the bites on his neck sent excited little jolts to his groin.

Xander padded around the kitchen dressed for work, with the exception of shoes. He had planned on grabbing his workboots on the way out and putting them on when he got to the lobby of the apartment building. He didn't want to wake Spike. Once he got the water going for is coffee, he dug around the 'fridge for milk for his cereal and a piece of fruit. When he turned around, "Jesus! Spike!"

The blond stood there, rubbing his eyes and yawning with the blanket wrapped around his shoulders. He was also barefoot. Spike looked like a mix of evil, leering demon and sleepy five-year-old. "One of these days, Spike, I'm gonna get you that collar with a bell that we've been threatening you with for years now," he laughed.

"Only if it's studded leather, Pet," Spike said, grabbing a beer.

"So, you want to tell me why you were sleeping on my couch?" Xander sat at the table and ate his breakfast of some sweet kid's cereal, a cup of coffee with too much sugar, and an apple.

"Didn't think you'd actually want me in your bed come morning. You were pretty dominate last night, but I had a feeling that you wouldn't remember in the light of day." Xander almost choked on his mouthful of cereal. "I see I was right. You gave me this last night," Spike said, pulling the blanket aside and tilting his neck to exposed the half-healed bite mark.

Xander stood, knocking his chair over and backed away from the vampire. "I… I have to go." He rushed past Spike, slipped on his boots and jacket and ran out of the building to his car. He sat in the safety of his car, gripping the steering wheel and tried to calm down. "It was just a dream. I must have talked in my sleep and Spike is fucking with my head. Some demon or other must have gotten him and he came here to hide out." Not satisfied with his rationale, but much calmer, Xander started the car and went to work. Thoughts of Spike plagued him all day.


After Xander left, Spike finished his beer and cleaned up the human's breakfast mess. He then decided to go back to sleep, seeing as the building didn't have tunnel access and he was stuck there until sunset. The couch wasn't the most comfortable thing to sleep on, but it was better than the 'comfy chair' he used to have to sleep on when he stayed with Xander. Spike thought briefly about climbing into Xander's bed, but decided that he would wait until Xander brought him to the bed. Until that time, he's sleep on the couch.

Flashes of the dark-haired man fighting like a slayer the night before danced behind his closed eyelids. Unconsciously, one hand drifted up to caress the mark on his neck, while his other hand slid down and freed his aching member. Before he knew it, Spike heard a key in the lock. Hours had passed and Spike had yet to climax. He had brought himself to the brink several times and backed off, each time. He didn't know why, other than something was missing.

"Spike? You still here?" Xander opened the door, then heard something that sounded like a mix between a groan and a howl come from the couch. "Oh, God! I don't even want to know what you are doing over there. I'll just be in the kitchen." He took the bags, one of groceries and one of blood, into the kitchen and started putting things away. After a few minutes, Spike walked into the kitchen, fingers idly playing over the mark.

"I don't know why you came over last night, but I have the feeling that you're not going to be leaving for a few days, so I picked up some blood for you," Xander said, putting a blood bag in the microwave to heat it. Turning to the blond, "Look, I don't know what you think happened last night, but I didn't give you that mark."

Spike accepted the blood as Xander handed it to him. "Let's not talk about it now, Xander. Let's just eat and watch some telly." Xander nodded and went about making his own dinner. Spike sat and watched him move clumsily around the kitchen. #Where does all that nighttime grace go, Pet?#

Part 3

Xander kept drifting off to sleep in front of the television. Spike found himself hoping that each time he woke, he would be like he was the night before. Every time, he was disappointed. Xander could feel the demon's eyes on him. "What?"

"What, what?" Spike asked innocently.

"You keep staring at me," Xander said. "It's unnerving."

Spike didn't know what to say for a moment. "You keep going to sleep," he said finally.

Xander blinked at him. "So what?" He was starting to get irritated. ^Who cares if I fall asleep? It's my apartment!!^

"It's just that… sometimes, you change when you go to sleep," Spike mumbled. "Like last night."

The human sighed, "Look, Spike. I don't know what you think happened last night, but…"

"You bit me," the blond interrupted. "Hells, you practically claimed me."

"But I was asleep!!"

"My point exactly, Pet," Spike smirked. "You were asleep and you fought vamps like you were the slayer. You dusted everything in sight, then came over and bit me. You grabbed my arse and rubbed your hard cock against mine. You licked and sniffed me like an animal, threw me down and kept rubbing on me. You growled and told me to cum. We both did. Then, you got up and walked back here like nothing happened." When Spike finished telling what happened, Xander's eyes were wide.

"That… that was just a dream," he whispered, shaking his head.

"I bloody well did not just dream that!" Spike couldn't believe what he was hearing. How could he have gotten the bite from a dream of Xander?

Xander stood and started pacing, mumbling to himself. "I couldn't… no way… just a dream… just a dream…" He stopped and turned to the demon on the couch, "What the hell is going on?"


"Oh, God," Xander groaned. "Don't call me Pet, PLEASE!!" Spike looked at him like he was completely insane. "I'm not your Pet or you Luv or any other little nickname you want to give me."

"Fine, Alexander," Spike stressed. "I did NOT dream snogging with you. I did not dream you BITING me. I did not…"

"I dreamt it, Spike!" It was Xander's turn to interrupt. "Last night, I dreamt all that you told me. Every detail. How do you know what was in my dream?" He picked up a stake and held it poised in the air, ready to strike if he didn't like Spike's answer.

Spike scrambled back, off the couch and into an open section of the living room. He was once again prepared to defend himself, even if he couldn't actually attack. "It wasn't a dream. Like I said, you changed. You were a force like I've never seen before. It was bloody marvelous."

"No… no, no, no." The stake slipped from his fingers and fell to the floor. "Not again. It can't be happening again. He said it was over." The brunet sunk to his knees, burying his face in his hands, shaking.

"Pe… er… Xander? What are you on about?" The blond expected several reactions, anger, disbelief, denial, but not this. Not abject fear.

Xander looked up at Spike with tears in his eyes, "It's happening again."

Part 4

"What's happening again," Spike asked, cautiously stepping closer to the figure kneeling before him. "Tell me what's wrong, Xander."

Xander reached out blindly and pulled Spike to him. The vampire cradled him in his arms and tried to quiet the sobs and still the tremors. He continued to soothe the man for long minutes after the last of the shaking stopped and Xander was silent, save his breathing. "Spike," he whispered, his voice rough from sobbing. "I'm sorry." He stood and walked to the kitchen. Pulling a bottle from the back of the cupboard, he called out, "I need a drink. Several drinks. Want some?"

"Sure, set 'em up," Spike replied. Xander poured three fingers of whiskey into each of two glasses and handed one to Spike. "So, are you going to fill me in on what the hell is going on or do I have to try and guess?" Xander motioned for the blond to sit on the couch.

Xander sat on the floor, across the coffee table from Spike, the bottle of whiskey between them. He threw back his drink and cringed at the burn down his throat. He started talking as he poured another drink. "I found out when I was a kid that I'm a somnambulist, a sleep-walker. Being Sunnydale, sleep-walking is not the best thing to do… even if you don't know *exactly* what goes bump in the night. So, the doctors all said that my parents could either put bars on my windows and lock my bedroom door every night to make sure I didn't get out or they could put me on some heavy drugs, that insurance would pay for, to keep me so sedated that I couldn't concentrate on a thirty second commercial half the time."

"But, ever since I met you, you've always been so hyper that I thought you'd hurt yourself bouncing off the walls." Spike poured more whiskey for both of them.

"That's because Willow threw out the medicine when she saw what it was doing to me. After that, I found lots of methods to stay awake at night. Of course, many of them involved sleeping during the day, at school. It was hard to tell, sometimes, when I was asleep and when I was awake. I acted pretty much the same. Until I got possessed by a hyena spirit." Spike gaped at him. He hadn't heard about a hyena possession. "I could remember some of what I did while sleep-walking before, but after, I could remember all of it, but twisted. I watched everything through feral eyes. The hyena spirit never completely left me. I found out later that my mind is such that I can integrate other personalities into my own. Right now, I have the original Xander, the hyena, Sgt. Harris and the Slayer, all inside me. I don't even think about it anymore, they've all merged into me."

Spike thought for a few minutes, trying to absorb as much of this new information as he could. Finally, "So, this has been happening for years, why are you so freaked out now, Pet? Sorry… Xander."

Xander shrugged at the slip. He understood. He *had* practically claimed the vampire as a mate, being called 'pet' didn't come as much of a surprise. "I'm freaked because I'm not supposed to sleep-walk anymore. After I graduated high school, I went on a road trip. Only got as far as Oxnard, but there I met Jeff. He's a warlock. I told him about my sleep-walking and about Larry, the only other person I've ever claimed. He died during graduation. Jeff put a spell on me to stop the sleep-walking. I still had dreams of going out, slaying, fucking, claiming, but they were all just dreams. Oh, God, how long have I actually been going out?"

Spike lit up a cigarette, "Less than a month I'd suppose. Demon bint didn't leave you until a month ago. You know she'd have told you if you were walking about in your sleep." Xander relaxed a little knowing that the vampire was right about his ex-girlfriend.

"Oh! That's when I started having sleeping problems," the man remembered. "I slept, but could never get rested. That should have clicked. That's the way I was in school." Xander stood and started pacing again. "Spike, you can't tell anyone about this. Ever since the joining spell we did with Buffy to get rid of Adam, the slayer has been part of my personality. But, it only comes out when I'm asleep. There's resistance somewhere. Could be the hyena… Anyway, if they know, they'll want to take advantage of the situation. I just want it to go away. I need to find someone to bespell me again. Someone not Giles or Willow or Tara."

Spike nodded and waited for what he knew was coming next. The request for help. Xander bit his lip, trying to refrain from asking. "Bloody hell, Pet, just ask me already."

"I… OK… I need you to keep me from going out at night after I've gone to bed. I REALLY don't want to get myself killed." Xander could feel himself getting aroused as the hyena part of his personality became more dominant. He lightly sniffed the air and scented the vampire's arousal as well. He crouched in front of Spike and put his hands on the black-denim covered thighs. "There'll probably be sniffing… and clawing," he gently dug his nails into the denim. "Some rubbing and licking. Biting and sex."

Spike, noticing the change in Xander, moaned softly at the contact and imagery. "You sure there's not a vampire in there somewhere, Luv?"

Xander shook his head. There was no vampire. He had been told about his vampire self by Anya and the vampire version of Willow and always knew it was a possibility on the Hellmouth. "There'll probably be a fight for dominance. I'll try and claim you again. Seems the decision has been made and you didn't reject me. Can you deal with that? If not, say so now. I need someone I can trust. I don't know why, but instinct tells me I can trust you. I may be cruel at times, brutal and bull-headed. But, I claim you, you'll be pack. I protect my pack." Spike looked into Xander's eyes and knew he saw truth and nodded.

"Can you always do that? Switch just like that?" Spike had never seen the brunet change personalities before, that he was aware of, and wondered how he would know when he was allowed to touch the man.

"Not always. It's harder to go back to the normal, human persona." He yawned and laid his head in the vampire's lap. "Tired. Sleep now."

Spike carded his fingers through the dark hair. "Yeah, Pet, you sleep now. I've got you."

Part 5

Spike was thankful that the remote for the television was within reach, as well as the bottle of whiskey. He didn't want to move too much and disturb the man sleeping on his lap. Xander had digital cable, the kind with about fifty channels that just play music. No videos, no commercials, no DJs. Just music. Spike found something soft and soothing from earlier in his existence, and turned the volume on low. He let the muted sounds wash over him as he thought about his new situation.

He'd agreed to watch over this man and, at the same time, agreed to let Xander watch over him. Spike couldn't help but wonder what would happen to him when Xander "woke" with the slayer part of him in control. Would instinct react to "vampire" or would the other parts of the personality protect him. He didn't have to wait long to find out.

Xander started to stir on Spike's lap and the vampire tensed. #Moment of truth.# The dark head nuzzled his thigh as the man sniffed. Xander felt and smelled the tension in the body beneath him and he laughed. He hadn't meant to laugh. It was just funny. This vampire, the self-proclaimed 'Big Bad,' was afraid of him. He sniffed again, then felt the struggle inside his mind.

He could feel the slayer trying to push her way forward, screaming 'Demon, vampire, kill!' He could also feel the Xander and Sgt. Harris holding her back saying, 'Spike, friend, chipped, safe.' The hyena retained control and crawled up the cool body. He looked Spike in the eyes and grinned, "Blue." He leaned in and kissed the cool lips. When he pulled away he said, "Want you. Now!" Xander crushed his lips into Spike's as he pressed their bodies together.

Lips and tongues and teeth, pressing, licking, gnashing, gnawing, sucking at each other. Hands tugged at hair, clothes, limbs, moving and removing. They battled for dominance. Spike knew it was futile, Xander being a living human, no matter the personality in control, so he couldn't hurt the man physically, but he had to put up the token fight. He refused to just roll over and submit. By putting up a fight, he was ensuring that he would still be respected. After long minutes, Spike turned his head to the side, exposing the still, barely there, mark on his neck.

Xander scraped his teeth across the mark, the sensation going straight to the vampire's cock. "Xander, Pet," he sighed. "Feels so good." He thrust his hips up to prove his point. They both moaned at the contact. Xander, not wanting to break contact with his lover, ripped the black t-shirt Spike was wearing and pushed it off his shoulders and down his arms. Spike did the same to Xander's white shirt and raked his fingernails lightly across small, pebbled nipples.

The brunet managed to stand, bringing the blond with him and wrapping Spike's legs around his waist. Xander carried him toward the bedroom, stopping to push him up against the wall to get a better grip on the tight ass or bite a little harder and rub their cloth-covered cocks together. They were just passing the front door when a knock sounded. Xander growled at the door. The person on the other side knocked again, this time adding, "Xander, it's Willow. Can I come in?"

Spike started to lower his legs from Xander's waist when warm hands held him in place. He walked them to the door and threw it open. "Busy. Go away." He then shut the door in Willow's shocked face. Willow stood outside the door, eyes wide, wondering if she really just saw what she thought she saw, before opening the door and walking inside the apartment.

"What the fuzzy heck?" Xander had Spike pinned to the bedroom door, scraping blunt teeth across a pale nipple. Spike's head was thrown back in pleasure. "Xander! Spike!! What are you two doing?"

Xander turned and growled at his best friend. "Go away. He's mine."

Spike spoke up as he carded his fingers through Xander's dark locks, "Red, best go away. Come back in the morning and we'll be more in the mood for talking." He took in the confused and worried look the red-head gave him. "I'm still chipped. Couldn't hurt him if I wanted to. Now, leave us our privacy."

She thought for a moment and turned to leave, "You hurt him and I know how to make a little ball of sunshine appear in this very living room." Spike nodded and pulled Xander's head to his and kissed the warm lips. "I'll be back first thing in the morning," she said and walked out.

"Thought she'd never leave, Pet," Spike sighed. "Where were we?" Xander opened the bedroom door and allowed momentum to sweep them into the room. "Ummm… yeah, that's where."

Part 6

Xander threw Spike on the bed. "Strip," he growled at the blond. He quickly shimmied out of his skin-tight black jeans, thankful he had already toed off his boots. As he laid back on his elbows, he noticed Xander pacing, stalking. He walked back and forth at the foot of the bed, watching him with hooded eyes, through dark locks and licking his lips. Spike felt like prey.

Xander was stalking him, preparing to pounce. He loosened the drawstring on the grey sweatpants he wore and they dropped to the floor. With a mere look, he pinned the vampire to the bed. Xander sniffed the air and grinned as he knelt between Spike's legs and started to crawl up the pale body.

Occasionally, he'd pause to sniff, lick, suck, bite a tempting bit of flesh. Every pause drew a moan from Spike's throat. Every action made his cock twitch. "Need you," Xander growled softly into the vampire's ear as his tongue darted out to lick the soft skin of his neck, just below his ear.

"Want you… need you too," Spike whispered.

Xander pulled back from the blond, knees on either side of his hips, palms flat on the bed beside his shoulders. "Roll over," he commanded. Spike had just enough room to turn over onto his stomach. He spun quickly, feeling somehow powered by the man/hyena's words alone. Of course, the thick cloud of lust that filled the air just added fuel to that fire burning white-hot around the both of them. Xander wrapped one arm around Spike's narrow waist and pulled the cool body flush with his own.

Spike supported his weight on his arms and pressed his back into Xander's warm chest. "Pet," Spike moaned, "I can't wait much longer. Need you inside me." He couldn't care less that he hadn't been taken by a man in nearly a century and that Xander would tear him when he entered. All Spike cared about at that moment, was getting the hot, hard cock, that was resting on his ass, inside him. Thrusting, filling him.

"I'll make you bleed," Xander said, mixing wariness with desire.

"Good, Pet," the blond drawled. "Want to bleed for you. Make me bleed. Make me yours, Luv." He thrust back, rubbing against the hard member. Xander positioned their legs to grant him easier access to Spike's opening. He raised up and caressed the soft flesh of Spike's ass with one hand as he brought his other hand to his mouth. Xander licked his thumb before pressing it against the tight ring of muscle. Spike moaned as he was breached, biting his lip.

One thrust inside was all the preparation Spike was afforded. Xander grabbed Spike's hips and pulled the vampire back onto his cock. Spike screamed as he felt his anus tear and a second later, Xander's cock brushed his prostate. Xander wrapped an arm around the cool chest and tugged him upright, while his other hand went to the leaking, throbbing cock, stroking it harshly.

With Spike's legs between his own, Xander sat back onto the cool feet, bringing Spike with him. "Ride my cock," he breathed. "Hard and fast." The vampire grunted and thrust into the hot hand, then back down onto the burning cock. Over and over, he thrust back onto this man with the possessed mind. He whimpered as Xander teased his nipple. He drew in a sharp breath as Xander dug his nails into his pectoral muscle.

Xander sunk his teeth into the exposed, healing mark on his lover's throat. He growled and ripped the flesh open. Swallowing a mouthful of blood, he threw his head back and howled out his orgasm. Spike felt the flood of hot fluid fill his cavity and the gnash of teeth in his neck and screamed out his own climax, milky fluid splattering on the sheets.

As one, the couple fell forward on the bad, Xander still buried deep inside Spike. Xander panted harshly, Spike thanked the stars that he didn't need breath. After a few minutes, a warm tongue licked at his throat. With every lick, Spike could feel Xander's cock grow and twitch inside him. His own cock started to stir and he started rocking his hips, both stroking Xander and creating a delicious friction on his own member. Xander chuckled into the bleached blond locks, "Ready for round two? Want your claim on me. Be my mate."

Part 7

"Xander," Spike sighed as the man lapped at the mark on his neck. The vampire's eyes drifted closed and tiny moans escaped his slightly parted lips. Xander snickered at the whimper of displeasure when he pushed back, off the blond. He rolled over onto his back and grasped his erection, stroking it slowly. Spike felt little twinges as he moved over, on top of his lover. "Luv, do you have any slick? I can't take you without it," he murmured into the sweat dampened dark hair.

"Stupid chip," Xander pouted. "No, haven't had a reason to keep any since high school." He started a throaty whine and nuzzled Spike's neck. Spike rolled them both on their sides, facing each other and gathered the young man into his arms. Xander's whines and whimpers continued softly as Spike ran his fingers through the dark locks and over heated skin.

"Aah, Pet, let me think," he whispered. "There has to be something we can use." Spike thought through the cabinets in the bathroom. Anya had taken all of the lotions and oils when she moved out. Shampoo wasn't practical, things got too foamy with the friction. "I'll be right back, Xan." Spike jumped out of the bed and ran to the kitchen. #Where is it? Where is it?# He searched the cupboards until he found what he was looking for. #THERE!!!# He ran back to the bedroom with a giddy smile on his face. Spike was about to show Xander what he found to use when he took in the sight before him and his jaw dropped.

Xander had his head down on the bed and his ass in the air. One hand stroked his cock while two fingers of his other hand were buried to the knuckle in his hole. A pained look crossed the man's face as he slowly pulled his fingers out. "On your back, Luv," Spike said when Xander completely removed his fingers. He rolled over and Spike could see the hyena personality was not in control, but rather the original Xander, a youth.

"Spike," he said in a tiny voice. "I wanted… I was just…"

"Sshhh, Luv," Spike spoke softly, caressing Xander's leg as he crawled up the bed to lay between the man's thighs. "I know you only wanted to help, but I've got it covered. Found some cooking oil in the kitchen. Now, if we had a need for condoms, I wouldn't recommend this." He kissed the inside of the strong, warm thighs. Spike gently coaxed the legs further apart as he kissed and caressed. "Let me see, Xan. Let me see if you've done any damage." The vampire could smell blood, but only a tiny amount.

Xander let the vampire raise his hips. He hissed as Spike spread him open. He sighed when he felt the cool tongue dart out and lap up the tiny trickle of blood. Spike laved the one tiny tear, soothing the pain away. He grabbed the cooking oil and poured some into his hand. "Close your eyes, Pet." Xander did as he was told, but tensed when a cool, slick finger caressed his perineum. "Talk to me, Xan. Tell me what everyone in your head is doing."

"Oh, o-okay," he stammered. "The hyena is sleeping. He curled up into a little ball and fell asleep." One finger slipped gently inside. "The slayer is pacing. She's getting used to the concept of you, but is still wary. She's not ready to merge with the rest of us yet." Spike slid another finger inside and crooked them to tap at the man's prostate gland. "Oh God! Oh fuck! More!!"

"Tell me about the soldier, Luv. What's he up to?" He added a third finger and began scissoring them as he thrust.

"He's watching. He likes to watch the rest of us have sex. He whispers things to me. Things he wants me to do." Xander shivered as the soldier flooded his mind with images of himself and Spike. "I need you, Spike." The hyena woke and started to come to the fore, sharing control with Xander. He growled and smiled. "Hyena's awake and it's time to play. I want you in me, Spike. Now, please now."

The vampire looked up and snarled playfully. Nodding, "Yeah, Luv. But I don't want to play. I want to make you mine." Xander's eyes darkened with lust and Spike leaned up and licked his neck. He oiled up his cock and nudged the head against his lover's entrance. "Take a deep breath, Xan and let it out slowly." As Xander let out the breath, the blond slid in all the way to the root.

They moaned together, "Oh, fuck yeah!" Spike slowly began to move inside Xander and nuzzling his neck at the same time. "You want me to claim you, yeah," Spike whispered huskily in his ear. Xander responded by thrusting his hips up and turning his head to the side, baring his neck more to the vampire. The brunet felt the face of his lover shift as fangs lowered to scrape along his neck. A cool hand grasped his throbbing member and began stroking in the same rhythm as his thrusts. "Cum with me, Luv. Cum with me." Spike sunk his teeth into Xander's neck. When the first burst of blood rushed out, both men exploded into orgasm. "Mine," Spike growled around the mouthful of flesh and blood.

"Yours," Xander sighed.

Part 8

Xander woke in the near crushing grip of Spike's embrace. He would have been happy to stay there, had his bladder not been screaming at him to be emptied. "Spike," he said, prodding with his finger. "Evil, undead, soulless lover or mine," he sing-songed. Xander gained no reaction. "Fine, the human is going to do natural, mortal, morning bodily functions right here in the bed." Xander was gently, yet forcefully pushed from the bed, in the direction of the bathroom.

When he returned from the bathroom, he smiled and shook his head at the sight of the thin, blond vampire, sprawled diagonally across the bed. Xander didn't have to worry about making sure the bedroom curtains were closed. They were always closed. He felt that sunlight in the room where you sleep was a contradiction in terms. "Pet, you just gonna stare or you coming back to bed?" The pillow he had his face buried in muffled Spike's voice. Xander glanced at the clock and decided that 5:30 AM was slightly too early to start looking for a magic-user to help him. Besides, the bed looked so inviting with the sleep and sex-mussed vampire laying there. He nudged Spike over a bit and crawled under the covers, then curled his body around the blond's. "Sleep, Luv," Spike murmured. Xander slept.


"Come on, Pet. Time to wake." Xander smiled at the sound of his lover's voice. "Out of the bloody bed, boy!" Spike shouted from the doorway. Xander sat upright immediately.

"What the fuck, Spike? I was actually getting some sleep here," Xander called out while rubbing his eyes.

"Called a warlock friend of mine. He's coming over in half an hour. I want you showered and looking presentable." The vampire walked off to the bathroom, where the man soon joined him. Spike stepped into the shower and turned on the water. Xander climbed in behind him. The two kissed and touched and washed each other's bodies, mapping out every dip and curve of their mate's form.

"So," Xander finally said, in between nibbles on the mark he left on Spike's neck. "Are you going to tell me about this warlock friend, or do I just have to wait?"

Spike grasped both of their erections with one hand and whispered, "Wait," as he started to quickly stroke them to climax. "Want to cum with you first." He felt the dig of Xander's teeth on his neck and let his own fangs drop.

"Do it, Spike," Xander breathed around a mouthful of flesh. "I want to feel your teeth in me when I cum." He bit down harder and felt the twin pinpricks of Spike's fangs pierce his flesh. "Oh, God!" he cried as his orgasm splattered between the two of them, along with the vampire's.

They finished washing up and had just gotten their jeans on when there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it," Spike said, pulling his black tee over his head. "You finish getting dressed, Pet. Oh, and no blinding colors." Xander playfully flipped him off and went to pick out a shirt. Spike went out to let the warlock in.

"This shirt isn't too blinding for you, is it Spike?" he asked, walking out to the living room. "I mean, it's burgun… Jeff?"

"Hi, Xander."

Part 9

"Jeff! What are you… How did you… Huh?" Xander stammered.

"That about sums it up, Ducks," Spike smiled at his wide-eyes mate. He motioned for the warlock to have a seat.

Jeff walked over to the couch and sat down. "Spike called me. He got me out of trouble with a Vorlash demon a while back and I owed him."

"Actually," the vampire corrected. "It was a nest of Vorlash demons, then there was the four Rextars, the three Pisas demons, those female twin Gieseck's that you talked into fucking you, even though that meant they'd rip your legs off in the process, and the Lagos demon that thought you were its son." Spike opened the refrigerator, "Care for a beer?"

"No thanks," Jeff declined. "And in my defense, the Gieseck's looked human in the club. They had their tails wrapped around their legs. That wasn't my fault." Both men laughed and Xander continued to stare at Jeff, shocked that he was here.

Spike sat next to Xander on the sofa and handed him a beer. The man took a swig without thinking and slowly blinked, still not believing his eyes. "Xander, Luv, are you going to be OK? You mentioned a warlock from Oxnard, name of Jeff, and I remembered that I knew a warlock, name of Jeff, that once mentioned he lived in Oxnard for a while." Xander leaned slightly into Spike, unconsciously needing the comfort of his mate. The vampire picked up on the movement and what it meant from his years with Dru and wrapped his arm around the stunned man's shoulders. He turned his attention to the warlock, "So, Jeff, think we can figure out why Xan has started sleep-walking again?"

Jeff eyed Xander for a moment or two. Spike could sense the attraction between the two mortals and cleared his throat. "Sorry," the warlock apologized. "It's just been a while since I last saw Xander. Yeah, I think I could check it out." Jeff spoke an incantation to reveal what spells were influencing Xander. "Strange. The spell I placed on him is totally gone. Like someone purposely broke it. Almost as though it was never cast."

"Are there any other spells on him? Vengeance demon spells or maybe something from his Wiccan friends?" Spike watched as the slight glow around his mate faded to nothing.

"No, there are absolutely no spells on him. I can see Xander, the hyena, the soldier and a powerful girl… she's new. Didn't see her before." Jeff shook his head. He couldn't figure out why the spell was gone and was intrigued by the new persona. "I can perform the spell again, but I want to make sure it stays this time. Do either of you know what could have caused the spell to end or break?"

The vampire shrugged and shook his head. Xander thought for a minute. His eyes closed and brow furrowed, then suddenly popped open, "Willow! She did it!" The other men waited for Xander to continue. "That thing with Toth. Remember, Spike, when there were two of me. When I got the apartment. Willow had to end the spell that was holding us… the two me's apart."

"Oh yeah, I remember Rupert mentioning something about that when I asked about the pentagram on the floor of the Magic Box," Spike laughed. "Still would have like to have seen that. Two of you, Pet, could've had a bit of fun there." He leered at Xander and got a warm kiss for his efforts.

"You're as bad as Anya. She wanted to take us home, have sex with us, then, and I quote, 'Slap 'em back together in the morning.' Anyway, Willow wasn't specific on which spell she was ending, she just ended it."

"Bloody hell," Spike swore. "That's all it was? Red did more magic and buggered things up again." Xander started to shrink in on himself, away from the blond. "I mean, she thinks if something goes wrong, do a spell. It'll end up biting her on the ass some day. Hells, if I could, I'd be happy to do the biting." Spike missed seeing Xander slip out of the room and into the bedroom during his little rant. "Where'd Xan go?"

Jeff pointed to the door Xander escaped through.

"Fuck!" Spike mumbled, berating himself, as he walked into the bedroom and saw his mate, curled up on the bed. "Xander, Luv. You know I wouldn't give up what we have right now, don't you?" He sat on the bed and pulled the prone body onto his lap. "I know that it probably wouldn't have happened if Red hadn't been trying to help you, Pet. Doesn't mean I have to like it when she messes with the mojo. Especially on you." His voice was soothing and his cool fingers stroked Xander's soft hair.

Xander relaxed into the caresses, "Sorry, just low self-esteem rearing its ugly head." Spike nodded and continued to comfort his mate.

After ten minutes or so, Spike broke their comfortable silence, "Come on, Luv. We still have a guest. Let's go get you fixed up so we can get him out of here and I can rebuild some of that self-esteem." He pressed his lips to Xander's in a heated kiss that promised much, much more.

Part 10

Jeff had taken the time Spike spent checking on Xander to prepare for the spell. He pulled a jar of silver-colored sand from his bag and used it to draw a pentagram on the floor. He had just placed a candle on the last of the five points when the two other men came into the room. "Just in time," the warlock smiled. "Who wants to crush the stinky herbs?" Spike took the mortar and pestle from Jeff and started mixing and crushing the herbs he gave him.

"Pet, are you sure about this? I've always been wary when people start doing mojo," Spike asked when Xander walked by him to light the candles. "You don't have to do this. I can keep you from walking about in your sleep." The blond leered at his mate.

Xander's breath caught for a moment when he saw the look the vampire was giving him. "I'm sure, Spike. I'm sure you could keep me inside, but I need to do this."

"The other personalities…" he started. The hyena looked out from behind Xander's eyes and smiled predatorily.

"Don't worry, lover," he breathed. "We'll still be here. Over the years, we've gotten on Xander's schedule. We sleep when he does now, for the most part. Mainly, only the slayer part is on the wrong schedule. She doesn't fight the call to hunt at night."

Spike nodded and handed the crushed herbs off to Jeff. "What about you? Do you have to *fight* the call to hunt?" Xander slowly stalked over to his lover. Spike continued speaking, but his words lost momentum the closer his mate got. "We could go hunt. Fight what we can. Watch each others backs…"

"We can still do that," Xander breathed, straddling Spike's lap. "I just need the control this spell gives me." He licked the vampire's ear. "Don't want to accidentally hurt my pack in my sleep. Slayer could do that." He bit down on Spike's lobe. "Trust me, lover."

Spike moaned at the feel of Xander's body heat seeping into his skin and his teeth and lips worrying his ear. "When this is done, will you be a little less Sybil on me? Entertaining as it is, these sudden changes in mood and personality are gonna drive me 'round the bend over time." The blond tried to appear less nervous about the spell he knew so little about when his mate nodded. He looked over to Jeff, who was watching the scene play out carefully, "Anything happens to him and you won't live to see morning. You got me?" The warlock nodded. "Good. I'd hate to have to kill you. You've been a good friend, a little troublesome, but a good friend none-the-less." Spike turned back to Xander, "Up, Luv. Need to get this show on the road."

Reluctantly, Xander stood. "OK, just let me get ready here. The pain was a bit much last time." He took off his shirt, leaving him in only his jeans, "It's nothing I can't handle, I just need to prepare a second." He kneeled down inside the pentagram and began a simple meditation. Once the dark-eyed man was ready, he nodded to Jeff to begin.

The warlock started the spell by lighting the herb mixture on fire, "Come to me gods of day and night. Come to me gods of dark and light. Enter this man from left and right. Bind his body, bind his soul. Let his sleep be quiet, let him be whole." As he spoke, Jeff's voice became louder until he ended in a shout. Xander's breathing became harsh and ragged, sweat poured off him and his muscles tightened. Both Xander and Jeff fell unconscious as the spell ended. Spike paced at the other end of the room. He had to stop himself from gathering his mate up in his arms. Over time, the vampire had learned that sometimes a spell can be affected by an outside force a good while after the caster has finished.

So, he waited.

Half an hour later, the humans started to stir. "Xander? Are you alright? Speak to me." Xander nodded and waited for Jeff to open the circle before standing and going to his lover. "Jeff, it's been surreal, I'm putting Xan to bed. Let yourself out, yeah?"

The warlock nodded. "Oh, couple of things. Here's the number of a place you can get a message to me if you need me for anything. I'll leave the candles and you can just sweep up the sand with a vacuum. Be well. Nice seeing you both again." He started packing his supplies as Spike and Xander entered the bedroom.

"Sleepy," Xander yawned.

Spike laid his lover down and wrapped his own body around Xander's. "Sleep then, Luv. I've got you."

Part 11


Spike buried his head deeper under the pillows to avoid the annoying sound.

*BANG BANG BANG* "Alexander Harris!!! Open this door."

Xander snuggled down lower in the pile of blankets. "Go away," he whispered. "Sleeping."

The banging stopped and both men relaxed into the silence. For a few seconds, anyway. Keys jangled in the witch's hand and the soft click of the lock had Spike getting up and walking out to meet Willow in the living room. "Red, you'd better have a good reason to be waking us like this." Willow's eyes drifted down to the vampire's black silk boxers, then shot back up to meet the sleepy blue eyes.

"I.. uh… where's Xander?" she stammered.

Knowing she wouldn't leave until she talked to the sleeping man, "Sleeping. I'll get him." Spike staggered back into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed. "Wakey-wakey, Luv. Red's here."

Xander pushed up off the bed and went to pull on a shirt. He leaned down and kissed his lover before going out to talk with his childhood friend. "Hey Wills. What's up?"

"I should ask you that," she said with a hint of teasing in her voice. "I mean, what's you jumping on the gay bandwagon?"

The two friends smiled and hugged. "I'm glad you're semi-OK with this. I'm sure you're wanting background, but coffee first, huh?" They headed to the kitchen and started coffee and breakfast.

"You do know that it's two in the afternoon, right?"

"Yeah, but when I was up earlier, I didn't get a chance to eat. Now, I'm hungry." Xander bit into a piece of bacon and sat. "OK, background…" He proceeded to explain to Willow about his special personality characteristics, leaving out the slayer personality, the sleepwalking, Larry, Jeff's original spell, and Willow ending the spell when she put the two hims back together. Then Xander told her about Anya leaving and how Spike found him hunting. "So, last night, the hyena was in charge and was busy claiming Spike. We've mated, Wills. I hope you can accept that. It nearly killed me when Larry died and he never claimed me back. Spike claimed me too. It probably would kill me if he died."

"Wow," she sighed. "So, this Jeff guy… he got you all fixed up? No more sleepwalking?" Xander nodded. "What about Spike? You said he claimed you back. That means he can bite you. Are you sure he won't turn you or just kill you?"

"If I turned him," Spike said, walking into the kitchen, "He wouldn't be the same Xander. If I killed him, it would be suicide. I never claimed anyone and had them claim me in return. Xan is safe as houses. I couldn't bear it, were anything to happen to him." The blond kissed his lover chastely.

"OK, I trust you guys to not hurt each other." Willow stood and hugged each man in turn. "I'll even help smooth things over with Buffy and Giles when they *finally* realize what's going on. I actually think that they are so oblivious sometimes that you guys, Tara and I could have an orgy in the middle of the Magic Box and they wouldn't notice…. Not that I'm condoning that!!!" Spike winked at her. "On that note, I'll leave you two to go back to sleep… or whatever."

The front door shut with a soft click. "You heard her, Luv. Let's go do… whatever." Spike pulled Xander into his lap and kissed the mortal man breathless.

The End

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