Title: The Handwriting on the Wall
Spoilers: Set generally in season 6, no real spoilers to speak of.
Disclaimer: Joss et al. owns, not me. yada yada...we all know the rap...
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Summary: Spike and Buffy get all worked up while working out. Spuffyness ensues.

Dodge "So, Slayer," kick "here for another" duck, punch "round of" punch "training? Uhhghh! Watch it!! I know it's not wood, but it still hurts when you actually HIT the heart." Spike was used to Buffy trying to surprise him when it was a slow night on patrol. Occasionally, she'd use throwing knives, sometimes a sword, always stopping before taking off his head. Other times she used the plastic stake Riley had used on him. Once in a great while, when she felt like being ironic, she would torture him with railroad spikes, as he was known to do once upon a time. Tonight was one of those nights.

"But I thought" kick "you liked" punch "railroad spikes," block "Spike." Buffy smiled.

"Only" jab "when I'm on...OW!...the other" slam "side." He slammed her against the wall and held her there, briefly. He loved the feel of her hot breath on his cool skin and the curves of her body pressed against him. He let her down and she yanked the spike from his chest. "Are we done with this round of 'kick the Spike,' Slayer?" he asked.

"Sure, I think I successfully kicked you ass tonight," she laughed.

He lit a cigarette and smiled, "Who had who up against the wall, luv?"

Buffy stuck her finger in the hole in Spike's chest, "And who got a railroad spike in the HEART, luv*?"

"Fine, you won this one, Slayer." He walked to the liquor cabinet and poured himself a scotch. "Want one?"

Buffy made her 'Ewww' face and shook her head no. "When are you gonna learn that I don't drink well?" she asked, sweetly.

"Just being polite, pet," he replied. "Anyway, you'd think I'd gone all soft if I quit trying to corrupt you." As she looked around for a place to sit, Spike sniffed the air. He had noticed, during Buffy's last few visits, that the more they fought, the more aroused she became. She had been allowing him to hold her closer, longer during the battle and smiling more and staying longer afterwards. He had yet to make a play for her. Tonight, she was more aroused than he had ever seen her. He suddenly became aware that she was waving a hand in front of his face.

"Earth to the undead! Spike! Are you in there?"

"Sorry, pet," he winked. "Just doing some thinking."

"'Bout what?" she asked, opening a bottle of water, taking a drink and sitting on a coffin.

Knowing he was a lousy liar when it came to her, Spike cocked his head and looked at her, "Just, how turned on you are right now."

"Wha...I'm not..."

"Oh, don't give me that. I can smell you from here. Our little tussle here got all your juices flowing. All those pheromones radiating from your sweaty little body." He takes a drag off his cigarette. "It's been, what, six months since anyone has pushed your little button?" He exhales a cloud of smoke. "You're just about ready to grab the next man you pass on the street, throw him down and make his day...aren't you?"

"I don't know..." she started.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he mimicked. "Sing me another song, pet." He finally took a step, saying, "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were in heat." Another step closer. A few more steps and he'd be close enough to feel her breath.

She fidgeted nervously on the coffin she was sitting on. Every step he took made her want to run, but at the same time, held her frozen. She could feel her face becoming flushed as he spoke about her arousal, making her more aroused. "Is this another way to try and corrupt me?" she finally asked.

"Not at all," he smiled at her contribution to the conversation. "I know you've been with other men and even another vampire. You've already been corrupted. I'm just stating the obvious." Another step, and another. He reached out and touched her hand. "You're trembling, Luv."

She hadn't noticed, but she was trembling. Suddenly, with Spike so near, she noticed many things about herself. She was trembling, breathing heavily, her heart was racing, she was moist with desire and she was biting her lower lip. "I... uh...." was all she could say before she grabbed his shirt and pulled him into kiss her.

The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but it was long enough to remind her what she had been missing. It had been a long time since she had kissed anyone, let alone a vampire. It had been since before she died this last time. His cool lips were the last she had kissed, albeit innocently, and now she kissed them again.

"Oh Spike!"

"Slayer!" he grinned. "Do that again, please, Luv."

She tried to tell herself she should stop. That if she would stop now, it wouldn't be too late. She wanted him so much though. Finally, she gave in to her desires, grabbed his shirt again and pulled him into another kiss. This time, the kiss was more tender, softer, slower.

Simultaneously, they moaned into each other's mouths. Buffy opened her lips, slightly and in that second, Spike's tongue darted into her mouth. She softly sucked on his tongue, feeling the coldness dissipate as her mouth warmed it.

Part 2

Buffy groaned her disapproval as Spike broke their kiss and looked into her eyes. "Wait, Buffy, where are we going with this?" He almost couldn't believe that *he* had said those words. Still, he had to know. He had to know if she loved him or if she was just horny. He had to know if she expected him to have animalistic sex with her or to actually make love.

"Ungh!" she pouted. "I kinda thought it was obvious. Kissing, then nakedness."

"I know that, luv. Don't pout."

"I'm not pouting," she pouted more.

He grinned and forced back a laugh. "I mean, do you love me? Do you want me to *make love* to you? Or is this just you scratching an itch?"

"I don't know, Spike. Why, does it matter?" She tugged him closer and nipped at his neck.

"It matters."

"What would be different?" she asked quizzically.

"If I made love to you, I'd be gentler, slower. My body would worship yours. Your orgasms would swell inside you and wash over you like waves crashing on the beach. Steadily increasing, like the rising tide. If you just want sex, on the other hand, it would be just that. Sex. Raw. Animalistic. Quick and rough. Fast and furious. Cold hard sex. So, tell me, Slayer, where is this going?" He could hear her ragged breath and pounding heart, feel the heat radiate from her body and smell her arousal.

"Mmmmm…." she moaned. "They both sound so good. I've never had it rough before. Everyone seemed to think that I'm so fragile, forgetting I'm the Slayer. Rough sounds fun." She saw the look of hurt in his azure eyes. "But…" *I shouldn't love him,* she thought. *But, I think I'm starting to. Oh God!* Upon seeing the look in his eyes and realizing that she might actually be falling in love with the blonde vampire, she thought for a moment about her choices. She could run, *Always a good standby.* She could have They could have wild, unfettered sex, where he pounds her into the floor and they go about their life and unlife. Or, they could worship each other, totally and completely. The last choice made the slayer feel most alive. Finally, she says, "But…the way you described making love has me so hot and wet."

His eyes perked up. "So, what are you saying, Luv? Have you made a decision?"

She grabbed his shoulders roughly and pulled him to her. Leaning in, she gave him the sweetest, most tender kiss of his existence. "As much fun as the rough stuff sounds, I want you to make love to me for our first time."

"God, Buffy, I love you!" He swept her up in his arms and carried her down to the rooms below the crypt. She kissed the vampire's neck lightly, planting butterfly kisses from his shoulder, up to his jaw, flicking her tongue lightly on his ear causing him to moan, "Oh, don't stop."

Spike placed her gently on the satin sheets of the bed, kissing her softly on her neck. Their eyes met as he pulled away and Buffy groaned her disappointment at the loss of contact. "Let me set the mood a little down here." He grinned like a schoolboy. "This wasn't part of my plans for tonight, so I'm a little unprepared."

Buffy tried to stifle a giggle as he scrambled around the room, almost too fast for her to see, righting and lighting candles. Hearing her, he grabbed a stack of CDs and thrust them at her, "Here, Pet, pick out some music." She sorted through the stack and giggled more at the selection he handed her.

"Backstreet Boys, 'Nsync, 98°, Cher, Enya?"

"Oh, sorry…ummm…Harmony left those and I'm a bit of a pack rat…ummm…"

He started to take them away, but Buffy opened the Enya CD, "This one will be perfect," she whispered. She put it in the stereo, pushed play and started swaying to the music. Spike switched off the lamp and the candlelight played across Buffy's body as she slowly danced.

He sidled up behind her and lightly caressed her shoulders. She sunk back into his body, continuing to move with the music. His hardness pressed in the small of her back. She turned, wrapped her arms around his slender torso, pulled him close and pressed her breasts into his chest. He could feel her hard nipples burning into him, through their clothes. Spike's lips lightly brushed the Slayer's, as he tugged her shirt up her torso, breaking the kiss long enough to pull it over her head. Buffy swiftly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it of his shoulders. They continued swaying to the music until the song changed.

Planting light kisses down her chest, gently sucking on each hardened nipple in turn, Spike heard Buffy moan with desire. Both stumbled to the bed and fell into it, bumping their heads on the headboard and laughing.

"I've never heard you laugh a *happy* laugh, Spike." All she had ever heard from him was evil chuckles and snorts.

"Well, Luv, before now, all I've had to laugh at was evil and idiocy. Nothing before now made me feel truly happy." He nuzzled her neck and traced his fingers down her bare chest. She moaned softly as he kissed and licked down the same path his fingers made. He unfastened and removed her tight jeans in one fluid motion. Amused by what he found, Spike let out a low growl, "Mmmm…no panties, Pet?"

Buffy giggled, "Sometimes, I like to feel my jeans rub up against my clit as I fight."

"You mean, when you fight me, right, Luv?" His fingers spread her legs and sought out her clit. Rubbing lightly with his thumb, he slid two fingers inside her wet center. "Isn't this better than a pair of jeans?"

Her hips bucked into his hand and tiny grunts of pleasure escaped her throat. Suddenly, a mouth kissed her inner thighs, moving higher, closer to her heat. A tongue flicked out and licked her slit. "Oh! Spike!"

"Tell me you want more."

"Yes! More! Please, more!" After a few minutes of licking, nibbling and sucking at her core, he could feel she was at the brink of climax.

"Tell me you want me."

"God, yes, Spike! I want you!" He crooked his finger inside her, hitting her g-spot, at the same time, sucking hungrily on her clit. Her orgasm hit her hard, forcing her to thrash in the bed.

Panting to catch her breath, Buffy watched her new lover as he stripped off his remaining clothes and climbed back in the bed next to her. He massaged her breast as he kissed her softly. "Spike, that was fantastic!" she mewed. "But I want you in me." She grasped his shaft gently and stroked him.

"Oh, God, Buffy!" Spike moaned. "That feels so bloody good!" She pushed him onto his back and started to straddle his hips. He swiftly switched their positions. "Not yet, Luv."

Buffy pouted, "But I want you inside me. Don't you want that, Spike?"

"You know I do, but not just yet."

He reached for a bottle near the bed. "Up for a massage, Pet?" he asked, pouring some of the vanilla-scented oil into his palm. Without waiting for the answer, he positioned himself lower on the bed and rubbed the oil into one foot, then the other. With gentle, yet firm pressure, he slowly worked his way up her calves and thighs. Careful to avoid her mound, he continued up her belly and ribs, all the while reveling in the relaxed and contented moans his hands elicited from the blonde beauty beneath him. After spending a little extra time on her breasts, he moved to her arms and hands.

"Roll over, Luv." She complied and the vampire set to work on her shoulders. "Oh, Buffy, you're a mass of tension here."

"Slaying is hard work, Spike," she whispered as he continued to relax her sore, tired muscles. He lovingly massaged his way down her back, down her buttocks, the backs of her thighs and calves, where he started. Once he finished, he sat back on his heels and admired her glistening form. She rolled onto her back again.

"Spike, come to me. I want you inside me," she mewed. He slunk up her body, wordlessly. His lips met hers in a passionate kiss as his shaft entered her core in one gentle thrust. After a moment or two, he began a slow steady rhythm, wanting to make the sensation last forever. Slowly, the pressure inside him began to mount. Spike could feel his climax was near. He flipped them over, allowing Buffy control and himself access to her clit. She quickened the pace as he teased the bundle of nerves into a powerful orgasm. Her inner muscles milked his cock as his climax shook his body.

They collapsed into each other's arms, panting and kissing and feeling each other's bodies. "Now, that's what I call a 'full body massage,' Spike," Buffy sighed into his chest.

A laugh rolled in his chest, "Well, I'm a full service kind of guy, Pet." They drifted off, whispering and laughing about their lives and current situation. Contented for the moment.

Part 3

"Don't go, Luv." Spike watched her dress, knowing she would soon be gone. She had spent the night and was preparing to make her escape in the early morning light.

"Spike, I have to. Dawn."

"I know it's dawn. That's why I want you to stay, I can't follow you," he said, not understanding.

When she realized his mistake, she smiled, "No, not dawn, Dawn, my sister."

"Oh, Nibblet? She'll be fine. Red's with her, right?"

"You know I have to go. They'll be worried because I didn't come home. I have to go." The Slayer zipped her jeans and sat on the bed to pull on her boots.

The vampire's face fell. He believed that she was terrified about what they had done the previous night. "So, you're leaving." It was more sad statement than question.

"I have to go." And she left.


"Dawn! Would you get down here already?" Buffy yelled up the stairs. "I need to talk to you about something."

"Whatever happened, I swear, I didn't do it!" The words rushed out of her mouth as the teenager bound down the stairs, dressed for school.

Buffy laughed, "No, nothing like that. See, there's… God, how do I say this? There's this, um, guy…" She paused, trying to think of the right words.

"So, is this guy gonna try to kill us? Will this get me out of school for a while?" Her second question was almost too happy.

"No," Buffy said dryly. "You're not getting out of school for this. And he's already tried to kill us, more times than I can count. But, we're safe now…he's…changed." At that moment, Buffy realized that she had changed almost as much.

"So, are you dating this guy now? Cause, Spike will be mad. He gets jealous really quick." Dawn could be so enlightened and so oblivious at the same time.

Buffy smiled, "Yes, I'm seeing him now and no, I don't think Spike will be too mad about it." She stared at her sister, waiting for that spark he always got in her eyes when she finally got what was being said. There it was. "Yep, Spike is the guy."

Dawn squealed and threw her arms around Buffy's neck, hugging her and bouncing up and down like a five-year-old. "This is so COOL!" The Slayer was glad that her little sister had taken the news so well. She just hoped that her friends would be half as open-minded as the Key. "Xander is gonna have a cow," Dawn said at the same time Buffy thought it.

"Yeah. I wish I could tell him, without telling him. Now, go to school."



Spike stalked around his crypt, "Bloody Slayer!" smash "Shags me blind, then just bloody leaves!" punch "You're a fool, Spike, you're still just a thing to her." Spike looks at his fist, bleeding, "Thought it would be different now." He was teetering between screaming and crying. Instead, he decided to smash a few more breakables into dust and rant and curse.


Buffy made a quick stop at the store and the blood bank before going back to Spike's crypt. For herself, she got some snack food, sodas and bottled water. The blood, of course, was for Spike. She thought it would be a nice treat to get him some human blood, even if it wasn't fresh. Buffy smiled happily as she made her way to the cemetery. She had no idea that a seriously brassed off vampire was busily destroying most of his possessions. How could she know, she thought everything was of the good now.

"Spike, I'm back," she called as she closed the crypt door. She heard something crash down below. "Spike?"

"Bloody Hell, Slayer!!!" he shouted angrily as Buffy descended the ladder, stake in hand. "You here to finish me off or just threaten me so I won't tell anyone about what happened?"

"Huh? I thought you were fighting someone down here." She dropped the stake. "What the hell happened down here, Spike?"



"You left me." He hung his head.

She walked over to him and took his hand. "You're bleeding." She kissed his wound.

He pulled his hand away. "I don't want to hide how I feel for you."

"Who's asking you to?" Spike stared at her, not sure what was happening. "I told Dawn about us."

He smiled. He knew Dawn would accept him as Buffy's lover. "I thought you were ashamed when you left this morning. I got mad," frowning at his actions.

She kissed him, gently, "I am so sorry. In my rush to get back to Dawn, I guess I didn't tell you what you needed to hear. Spike, I want us to be an 'us.' I've been denying my feelings for you for so long, that I didn't think. Spike, I'm falling in love with you." Tears welled up in Spike's eyes and threatened to fall. Before they got the chance, Buffy pulled the vampire in for a loving kiss.

"Buffy, I love you so much. Don't ever leave me." He cringed internally for the weakness in his voice. The essence of William expressing his desire to be loved and fear of being alone.

"I can't promise forever. I won't live forever and I don't want to be turned, but I can promise as long as I live. Of course, if they keep bringing me back, that could be a VERY long time," she laughed.

"I'll take it."

They started kissing more passionately and groping each other. Suddenly, Buffy remembered the things she bought and stopped them. "Have you fed today?"

"Huh? No."

"Good, I got you something. Be right back."

She bound up the ladder, grabbed the bags, putting the extras in the refrigerator and went back downstairs with a bag of O-negative and a bottle of water. When she got back down, Spike was busily cleaning off the bed, muttering to himself about the mess he made. "I'm going to have to learn to control my temper, Luv."

She kissed him and handed him the blood. "Here you go. It's human, but don't get used to it. I'm not going to the blood bank all the time for you. I mean, can you imagine, the Slayer stealing blood for her vampire boyfriend?"

"Pet, I'm still trying to grasp the Slayer having a vampire boyfriend," he smiled. He vamped slightly and ripped the bag open. Slipping back into his human face, he drained the bag quickly. "Mmmm, that hit the spot, Luv. Didn't realize I was so hungry."

"There are more up in the 'fridge."

"You take such good care of me. Now, I'm going to take care of you." Lifting her onto the bed, Spike brushed her lips lightly with his own. They slowly and passionately made love for the rest of the day, until sunset.


Buffy felt something nudging her in her sleep. "Buffy…" a voice whispered in her ear. "Need to wake up, Luv." He nudged her again. "We have to get to the Magic Box. Can't have a meeting without the Slayer."

"Fine, Spike. I'll leave this nice, comfy bed with a sexy vampire for clothes and Scoobies."

"Speaking of Scoobies…are you going to tell them?"

"Yes. But Xander's head is going to explode."

"Hmmm….can't wait," Spike grinned. Buffy hit him playfully.

Part 4

Spike and Buffy made a quick sweep of the cemeteries that were on their way to the Magic Box. One, particularly stupid, vampire decided to make a snide remark about the couple and soon found himself rather dusty.

"Why do people feel it necessary to make fun of my choice in men?"

"Dunno, Luv. Some people just aren't as open-minded as us."


"Hey, Buffster! Fang-less following you around again?" Xander smiled, amused with himself. "So, what's the unstoppable evil tonight?"

"Spike, let me handle this," Buffy whispered. Turning to face the Scoobies, who were all looking at her, "SpikeandIareinloveandnothereisnospellthistime."

"Well put," Spike chided, trying not to laugh.

"OK, Buffy, you need to slow down," Willow laughed. "All I caught was 'Spike' and the rest was a blur."

The Slayer just sighed, laced her fingers with Spike's and repeated, much slower, "Spike and I…are in love. And, no…there is NO spell this time." Xander stood, his mouth open in shock.

"Isn't it cool? Buffy told me this morning. It was so hard to not tell anyone!" Dawn bounced with joy, like a child getting a new toy. Xander stood motionless, still trying to comprehend Buffy's proclamation of love.

Willow, Tara and Anya just smiled. "Well, it's about time, Buffy," Anya stated. "I knew you'd get there eventually. You don't just avoid staking a vampire for years without some hint of affection there."

"Anya! How can you say that?" Finally, Xander was able to speak. "He's evil. He's a dem…"

"Alexander Harris, don't go there! We've talked about this. Not all demons are evil. After all, you love me, right? I spent ten times as long as Spike as a demon," the ex-vengeance demon reminded her lover. "Anyway, if it weren't for Halfrek, Spike wouldn't even be a vampire."

"Huh?" The question came from Willow, Tara, Xander, Dawn and Buffy at the same time.

"Well, yeah. Didn't you ever tell them about Halfrek, Spike?"

Spike hung his head at the memory of that night. "I told Buffy, in a way. I didn't realize she was a vengeance demon until Dawn made her wish and we were trapped in the house." He kissed Buffy chastely, "Halfrek is Cecily."

"Oh, I wondered why she called you William," Dawn chimed in.

"Yes, Hallie liked to go to the parties back then. She said it was easier to find the people who neglected their children because they were the ones who went to the parties and stayed out 'til all hours," Anya smirked. "Frankly, I think she just liked going to the parties."

"I had watched her at many parties. She was always asking about children. I thought she was just making conversation. When she confronted me about my feelings, she spurned me and I ran out into the night. Damn fool thing to do, but I can't change the past. Besides, I never would have met you or the Nibblet." Spike face showed none of its usual smugness.

All of the girls looked at him with an expression of sadness. Buffy's sadness was mixed with love. Xander was still in shock. Dawn was the first to move toward the sullen vampire and threw her arms around him in a fierce hug. "Well, I'm glad to have you around." The other girls suddenly swarmed him in one big embrace.

"Ladies…don't get me wrong, I love warm female bodies pressed against me, but this is a little much." They giggled and backed off, all save for Buffy. She remained curled in his arms. Together, the couple walked back to the practice room for a little privacy.

Once the door was closed, Willow spoke up, "Well, I'm happy for them." Tara nodded and smiled in agreement. "Xander, are you going to be OK?"

"Huh? I mean…Huh?"

Dawn slapped him lightly on the shoulder, "Oh, Xander, get over it. Spike has been in love with Buffy for years and Buffy finally realized that she loves him too. Why is that so hard for you to grasp? I mean, come on, if ANYBODY should be upset about this, it should be me. She's MY sister, not yours. Anyway, Mom liked Spike. He would come over and drink hot cocoa and talk about Passions when she was sick. He thought no one knew, but I did." She looked into Xander's eyes, "Everything will be fine. Spike would never do anything to hurt Buffy or me."

Xander thought for a moment, "It's just gonna take some time for me to get used to the idea. I was never thrilled about Angel, but I got used to it. I am SO not thrilled about Spike, but I'm sure I'll get used to it…if my head doesn't explode first." He laughed.


"That went well, didn't it Pet?"

"Why didn't you tell me that Halfrek was Cecily? I would have soooo told her off! I mean, the way she…" Spike stopped Buffy's ramble with his soft lips on hers. The tender kiss lasted hours in a few seconds.

"What were you saying, Luv," the blonde vampire asked when he broke the kiss.

With a blissful smile, "Dunno," was her only verbal reply. Buffy stared into his eyes and traced her finger along his high, sharp cheekbone.

"We should get back in there, Luv," he whispered. "Don't want the whe…" Buffy glared, "I mean, Xander to start thinking that we're shagging back here. Not that I would object to a little bit of the rough and tumble, but I don't think he could handle that right now."

"True. In fact, we probably shouldn't…oh, what did you call it? Oh yeah, 'snog' in front of him for a while, either." She giggled, grabbed Spike's hand, saying, "I love you, William."

"I love you too, Buffy. I love you too." Hand in hand the returned to the main room of the shop.

Xander stood again, walking over to the smiling couple, "I'm sorry Spike. This is just such a shock to me. I'll deal. Just remember, you hurt her and I will stake you."

"No worries, mate. I do anything to hurt her, and I'll dust myself. You can count on that."

Part 5

"Luv, are you sure about this?" Spike asked, picking up another box of his remaining belongings. Most of his things were broken, but repairable.

"I'm sure, Spike," Buffy said. "I mean, I love you and all, but this place is just dreary. I know it's the perfect place for a vampire to stay, but I'm not a vampire." They were moving Spike into the Summers house. "And now that Willow and Tara have found a room together in the dorms, we can move into…"

"That's what I mean, Pet. Are you sure you'll be OK moving into your Mum's old room? Memories and all?" The vampire knew how to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of his love. This would be a big step for her. Not only was she allowing him into her house, but also into her late mother's room.

The tears started to well up in her eyes, but she smiled and forced them away. "Spike, you're a part of this family. You have been since before Mom died. She loved you like a son. I know she would want this. Anyway, it's not like we would be defiling her room, after Willow and Tara moved in, it just became the 'big bedroom' and there is no sense in us sleeping in my room, with the southern exposure. The big bedroom would be better anyway, I hate trying to get dust out of the sheets," she laughed.

Spike put the box down and wrapped his strong arms around Buffy. She melted into him and finally let the tears fall. "Shh, Pet. We can take this slow. If you insist on me moving in, I can move into the basement until you're ready to take the next step." He kissed the top of her head and she turned her face up to meet his gaze.

"Spike, no," she sniffed. "Happy tears. This is right." Buffy wiped her eyes and met his lips in a brief kiss. "Now, let's get this stuff loaded up. We still have to stop off at the dump and get rid of the TRULY broken items, then we have to move all my stuff into OUR room, too."


"Dawn! What are you doing up still? You are so lucky you don't have school in the morning!" Buffy admonished the mystical ball of energy that was her little sister.

Dawn hemmed and hawed a bit, finally saying, "I just wanted to help you get settled. I swear, I didn't break anything or go through your drawers or trunk. I only took down the posters and moved the clothes in the closet." Then she gave Spike and Buffy her patented 'puppy dog eyes' to try and get off the hook.

Buffy looked from her sister to the vampire by her side and just shrugged, knowing she wouldn't win an argument, "Fine, since you're still up and in the mood to help, you can help." Dawn beamed. Spike smirked. Buffy sighed. "Spike, can you get the rest of the things from the car?"


"What? You couldn't make two trips?" Dawn laughed.

"What's the point of that, Bit? I've got the strength." She took a box from the top of the pile in his arms and set it on the floor as Spike put the rest down. The one box had several pair of jeans and t-shirts, in black of course, as well as other clothes that appeared in pristine condition.

"Why don't you ever wear any of these clothes? It's always black, black, black" Dawn asked, holding up a sweater and a pair of cargo pants, both in earth tones.

"Don't you start!" Spike laughed. "I had this same discussion with big-sis as we were packing." He rummaged through one box and pulled out several candles. He started placing them around the room. "I did wear something different one night a while back, when I tried to tell Buffy I loved her for the first time. Didn't go well. But I will again, sometime. Never you worry." Spike pulled out his lighter and lit the many candles throughout the room, then switched off the light. He enjoyed the soft glow and flicker of the natural light.

Buffy walked back into the room with her last load of things for the night, "Dawn, I think you should go to bed now." Dawn grinned and squealed a little and rushed out of the room, closing the door behind her. Spike toed off his boots, stripped his shirt off and lay back on the bed in just his jeans. Buffy took off her shoes and laid down in Spike's arms. "Yeah, this is right," she whispered as he stroked her hair.



"I love you."

"I love you too, William."

They talked about nothing and everything as morning got closer. They kissed and caressed and slowly made love. There was nothing urgent or rushed about any of their actions. The couple had all the time in the world. Spike slowly undressed his lover, lavishing much needed attention on every inch of her body. Sucking languidly on her pert nipples, blowing cool air across them to make them hard. He moved lower on her body, crawling between her thighs. Spike smiled a true smile and darted his tongue out to lap up her free-flowing juices. Long, smooth strokes from the bottom of her opening up to her clit. Whenever he reached the top, he would take the bundle of nerves in his mouth to suck or bite lightly on it, causing Buffy to moan and squirm under his ministrations. Spike brought her release with ease.

He kissed back up her body as her breathing returned to normal. Upon reaching eye level with her, Spike held her gaze as he gently entered her still quivering body. Pumping in and out with a slow and steady pace, he kissed her lips, cheeks, ears and throat. Buffy was brought to orgasm several times, each more intense than the last. She felt his growing need. "Buffy, Luv, I want to taste you." Wordlessly, she pressed his face to her neck, opposite from Angel's mark. Spike let his fangs drop and tenderly slid them into her smooth flesh, the sensation sent Buffy over the edge of a powerful orgasm. The first rush of blood hit Spike's mouth and he came inside her. Licking the wounds closed and shifting back to his human visage, "I love you so much, thank you."

Giggling, "You're welcome, I love you too, but don't get used to biting me all the time." Spike rolled off of Buffy and cradled her in his arms.

"We should sleep, Pet." Buffy nodded and snuggled deeper into his arms and fell into a deep sleep.

Part 6

"NIBBLET!!!" Spike yelled up the stairs. "What the bleeding hell is that crap?" Peppy boy-band music filled the house and was about to drive Spike into a killing spree of teenage girls.

"It's just music, Spike," Dawn called down.

"Dawn! Xander just called from the work site," Buffy said laughing. "They can't hear their power tools over your music. Turn it down!"

Dawn turned the music off and grumbled down the stairs, "My music … don't hear me complain … better than punk …" She walked into the kitchen, still grumbling, and sat down on a stool by the counter. Spike stood by the stove, cooking. Buffy was rummaging through the lower cabinets, looking for something.

"Found it!" she called with her head still in the cabinet, then stood too soon. "OW!" Rubbing her head and pouting, Buffy stood and handed the colander to Spike. "Here."

Spike took the colander, set it aside, pulled Buffy to him and kissed the rising bump on her head. "You OK, Luv?" She melted into his arms and nodded.

"Ugh. Get a room. So, what are we having for dinner?" Dawn asked.

"Spaghetti and meatballs for you and me," Buffy replied. "Spaghetti and blood for Spike here." Buffy and Dawn made 'eww' faces at each other. Both of the Summers girls were relatively used to the vampire's eating habits, but some things still turned their stomachs.

"Alright, fine, I'll drink it from a glass," Spike sighed. Buffy and Dawn smiled.


Xander and Anya walked into the house with Willow and Tara right behind them. "Hail, hail, the gang's all here," Spike quipped.

"Wow!" Xander exclaimed. "Fangless and G-man doing dishes together. Isn't that one of the signs of the apocalypse?"

Both Englishmen sneered, "Don't call me that."

"Right, so how was dinner and are there any leftovers?" Xander asked, thinking with his stomach again.

"Sorry, Whe … er … Xander, we weren't expecting Rupert to come over at mealtime," Spike said with a glare. "We had just enough for us."

Xander stared at Spike, shocked by being called by his name. When he finally regained use of his vocal cords, "Did you just stop yourself from calling me 'Whelp'?"

"Yeah. Wouldn't get used to hearing 'Xander' from me though. Probably just start calling you and Rupes, here, Mate."

"Or you'll think up something equally disturbing, William," Giles smirked, before removing his glasses to clean them.

Xander looked around then and noticed that the girls had left the room and only the men remained. "So, why are you two doing dishes and where did the ladies go?" Suddenly aware of the fact that he wasn't helping the Englishmen.

Spike listened for a moment, "They're all in the living room talking about my moving in here. As for the dishes … Bloody hell, why are we stuck doing them again?"

"We are doing the dishes to teach us not to speak in dead or demonic languages at the table, I believe," Giles sighed.

"Right, you started with the Latin and Ruosmon and got Buffy all brassed off when I refused to tell her what you said," Spike chuckled. "I didn't even think you knew jokes that dirty, let alone be able to tell them in two languages at once."

Giles blushed and cleared his throat. "Yes, well, let's join the ladies, shall we?"

Spike and Xander snickered to each other and followed the Watcher into the other room. Everyone paired up, Slayer and Vampire, the two witches, ex-demon and bricklayer, and (not in a couply way) Watcher and Key. "So, Dawn, when does this Brian guy of yours show up?" Spike asked. Dawn was going on a second date with a boy in her class, one that had already passed the vampire's demon test when he 'accidentally' bumped into the boy a little too hard, knocking him down. The chip zapped Spike, so the boy was human. Tonight was the night he was to meet … the family.

"He should be here in about ten minutes," Dawn bounced. "Please, be nice to him. I really like this guy and he likes me." She pleaded with her family, knowing that they could be more than a little overwhelming at times. "When is Olivia supposed to be here, Giles? I wanted her to see my new dress."

"She should be here any time now, I suspect." Just then, there was a knock at the door, Buffy and Spike went to let in the guest.

When they opened the door, Spike spoke first, "Ah, the lovely and talented Olivia." A large smile graced his face.

"Olivia, how nice to see you again," Buffy said as Olivia crossed the threshold.

"Buffy and Spike, last I saw you two, you wanted to kill each other," Olivia commented with a smile. "You look a might cozy now."

As Giles' girlfriend crossed the room, Buffy whispered to Spike, "The lovely and talented Olivia?"

"Anyone who can turn that stuffy old Watcher into the smiling git he is now is talented. She is quite a lovely woman as well," he winked.

"Ripper, why do I feel like I'm facing the firing squad?" Olivia asked, worried.

"No, my dear, you are to be part of the firing squad. Dawn has a date tonight and we are waiting for the young gentleman to arrive."

"Sounds like fun!"

"Gi-iles!" Dawn whined. "Please be nice to Brian." The Watcher put on a mask of innocence, sat and pulled Olivia into his lap.


Later that night, Spike and Buffy sat curled together on the couch, watching television and waiting up for Dawn. "Everyone seems so happy now. Our lives have fallen into place," Buffy sighed.

"Yes," he kissed her forehead gently. "Yes, everything is perfect. That being said, Murphy's Law would dictate that they world is about to be sucked into hell, but at this moment, I couldn't care less."

They cuddled on the couch for an unknown amount of time, until Spike heard the teenagers come up the walk. "Nibblet's back, Luv."

Buffy giggled, "Should we be the obnoxious parents and open the door or should we give them some time alone?"

Spike listened for a moment, "Let's leave them be for now. They're still talking. About ten minutes for a proper goodnight, then we open the door." He smiled, knowing the boy was too nervous to try anything on the front porch.

Nine minutes and thirty seconds later, Dawn opened the door saying, "Goodnight Brian. I'll see you in school Monday." Closing the door, she smiled. "Goodnight Buffy. Goodnight Spike." Then she hummed her way upstairs.

"Let's go to bed, Pet. I want to show you how perfect our existence is at this moment."


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