Title: You Know What I Want
Pairings: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: They keep telling me that I don't own Spike and Xander or any of the other BtVS characters, Sunnydale or anything! Well, I say, who cares? It's not like I'm gonna make any money from this, let me play!
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Rating: NC-17
Dedication: For Sajinn, who needs a pick-me-up. Hope this helps, pet.

"Can I see your ID, please?" the lady behind the counter asked, smiling. The clerk snapped her gum as the brunette smiled and handed her his driver's license. Xander bounced giddily, as he was finally old enough to buy his own beer, legally.

"It's my birthday," Xander said happily. The clerk just nodded and started ringing up his purchases. "I'm gonna go and get really drunk."

She surveyed the boy's haul, "I hope you're not driving." Xander had two cases of beer, one domestic and one import, a six-pack of an Oregon micro-brew, several fifths of hard liquor and a few liters of soda.

"Nope, not driving," Xander winked at the girl. "Oh, I need a carton of Marlboro reds, soft pack." He payed for his purchases and walked out, telling the clerk to have a good evening. He thought he could hear her laugh and mutter something about kids as she went back to dusting the shelves in the store.

He nearly dropped one of his bags as he climbed into the black DeSoto with the painted windows. The driver scoffed at him, "If you would have waited for sundown, I could have helped you."

Xander sighed and sunk into the passenger seat, "Yeah, I know Spike. But if you would have gone in there with me, you wouldn't have let me pay. I'm 21 now. I wanted to buy my own booze." They drove off, back to Xander's apartment. There was a party waiting to happen.


"What time is everyone supposed to be here again?" Spike asked. There was still a lot to do to get the place ready for a party and Spike wanted to know just how long he had to slack off before he absolutely had to start helping.

"Umm, they should be here in about two hours." Xander looked at the bleached vampire and sighed, "You know, if you help me here, we could have this place cleaned and decorated in about 45 minutes. Then we can get a head start on the drinking before the girls and Giles show up."

"Hmmm…" Spike teased. "I don't know if the promise of alcohol is enough of an incentive for me, Pet."

Xander sidled up to Spike, ran a hand lightly over the tight back muscles under the too tight black t-shirt.

"What would be a good incentive," he whispered, hot breath ghosting over the vampire's ear.

Spike bit back a moan and started picking up the empty take-out containers. "Bloody hell, Luv," he sighed. "You know damned well what I want. But you keep making me wait. Keep teasing me." Xander grinned a truly evil grin. "Just tell me we can tonight and this place will be perfect in half an hour."

The birthday boy thought for a moment, "We'll see, but after the party. There's no way it's going to happen before everyone gets here." He headed for the kitchen to load the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. Spike followed closely behind. They looked at each other for long moments, Spike's eyes pleading. "Fine," Xander said finally. "But you have to behave yourself and you have to wait until after everyone leaves."

Spike grinned like a madman and swept Xander up in a tight embrace. "Thank you! I'll behave and… hells… I'll even be nice to the Slayer." He leaned in and flickered his tongue across the warm neck, causing Xander to moan and his heartbeat to quicken slightly.

"That," Xander groaned, "was evil, Spike." The brunette broke free of the embrace and pushed the blonde through the kitchen door. "Go, clean, decorate. I want this place looking nice." Spike bounced around the apartment like Tigger on speed, picking up the clutter, dusting, vacuuming and hanging streamers and banners.

Just as he finished hanging the last of the decorations, there was a knock at the door. "I got it, Pet." Spike opened the door for the guests. "Well, well… a little on the early side, aren't we?" Everyone entered, Buffy first, carrying a cake box, followed by Dawn with presents. Then Willow, Tara and Giles entered, all holding a fist-full of balloons and more presents.

"We just thought you guys might need some help getting this place ready," Willow said. "I guess we were wrong. Oh well, more time to party then." She smiled a big smile and went to the kitchen to look for Xander.


After a quick shower and change of clothes, Xander walked into the living room, where the party was just getting started. Twenty-one candles on his cake, presents from all his friends and enough alcohol to get them plastered. Spike and Xander were the only ones *really* drinking, but no one cared. Dawn was definitely under-age, Buffy would be twenty-one in a few months, Willow the next summer. Tara was old enough, but not really a drinker and Giles preferred to nurse his brandy the entire evening.

Spike was on his best behavior all evening, laughing and joking with everyone and never more than three feet from Xander. They finally ushered everyone out of the apartment just after midnight. Xander collapsed on the couch, smiling at the mess they would have to clean up the next day. Spike bounced over to the couch after locking the door and sliding the chain into place. "Please, Luv. Everyone is gone." The excitement and lust was evident in his eyes.

Xander grinned, obviously tipsy, "Sure, oh Great Blonde One." He giggled. "You know which CD and track. Put it on and sit in the chair."

With lightening quick speed, the vampire set up the CD player, grabbed the remote and sat in the chair. When he was seated comfortably, he pushed play and dropped the remote. Music poured from the speakers, the steady thump of the bass line filled his body, almost like a heartbeat. Xander stood, swaying to the beat. He sensually crossed the room, shucking his clothes as he moved.

Running calloused hands over every inch of flesh as he exposed it. Teasing his nipples to hardness. By the time he reached Spike, Xander was completely nude. He straddled the chair and began stroking his hard shaft. Spike quickly unfastened his own jeans and shoved them down his thighs. Xander roughly grabbed the cool, swollen member with his free hand and jerked it in time with the music. Both moaned and panted at the sensation of the warm hands pulling at their cocks. "Are you ready," Xander asked, breathlessly.

"Oh yes, Xander! I am so ready." He grabbed the naked man's hips to steady him as Xander bent backwards to pull the dagger from Spike's boot. "God, Xander, I love the way you look right now." He pulled himself upright and cut apart the black t-shirt, exposing the pale, muscled chest. He threw the knife aside and leaned into Spike's neck. He licked and sucked at the cool flesh as he continued to stroke. Finally, he bit and he bit hard. Spike came instantly as Xander drew blood.

Xander stood, still stroking his own hard cock. "Stand up, turn around and bend over," he growled, eyes full of lust. Spike did as he was told. Gathering the cum from Spike's chest with the fingers of one hand, he exposed the vampire's puckered hole with the other. Xander bent over and lightly traced the opening with his tongue, then roughly thrust two fingers inside. He worked his fingers around, thrusting and scissoring, preparing his lover for the thickness of his cock. Xander didn't work long, he wanted it hard and fast and rough, so that was what he would get.

Spike's legs shook with weakness from his orgasm and the feel of Xander's fingers thrusting violently inside him. His cock, already growing hard again. The tiniest whine broke loose from Spike's throat when the fingers were removed and mere seconds later were replaced with Xander's hot, hard shaft. He pushed in, ignoring the resistance, until he was fully sheathed in the cool body. Unable to stay still, he pulled almost completely out and thrust back in fully.

Thrusts came in rapid succession as both keened and wailed, speeding toward release. "Fuck! Spike! Gonna cum," Xander screamed as he slammed into his lover. Both bodies tightened and stilled as they simultaneously climaxed. Spike collapsed to his knees, pulling Xander with him. Xander lay boneless on his lover as his cock softened and slipped out of Spike.

"Xan, Luv, Pet, that was bloody marvelous," Spike sighed. "Haven't been buggered like that in so long. Knew you could give me what I wanted… what I needed." Xander couldn't move, the alcohol and exertion having drained him of all his energy. Spike picked him up and carried him to bed, then curled up next to his lover. "Thank you and happy birthday."

The End

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