OK, for some reason, you asked for it. Here it is, some of MY personal poetry. Yes, that's right, this is my original poetry!

[Dreams] [Crystal Blue Morning] [With You]

[Voices] [Trapped] [What Next?]

[The Artist] [Gone Wrong] [Devoe] [Duane]


Dreams are the paintings of the mind, That never leave, only wait for you to find.
You must watch your dreams to see
The beauty within you and me.
While you lie there awake,
Imagine all the trips you take.
Once asleep you will find,
Dreams aren't only in your mind.
They are living thoughts of yours,
They are the keys to life's locked doors.
If you do not dream, you may die,
For you'll not see through your mind's eye.
All of us dream while we sleep,
And your dreams are meant for you to keep.
Though you don't remember yours all the time,
Your dreams are yours, and mine are mine.
So as you lie there, wide awake,
Thinking of the trips you take,
Keep this within your mind,
Your dreams are waiting for you to find.
        -- Charmin Rothgeb

Crystal Blue Morning
Your eyes are the color of crystal blue In the early morning, just after dawn.
Your smile is like the bright sunshine.
On a rainy day, it's just what I need.
When the sky is blue,
And the sun shines,
I feel the warmth of your heart.
You are my crystal blue morning.
Bringing life to my sleeping world.
        -- Charmin Rothgeb



With You
The snow drifts down and I think of you.
Your arms around me,
keeping me warm.

I remember what you told me.
To lay on a warm beach,
Watch the sunset
and listen to the ocean.

I long to be with you,
sitting close,
wrapped in your arms.
Happy, forever.
        -- Charmin Rothgeb

I hear the voices of people, but not with my ears.
I've listened to their actions
for quite a few years.
A look can say a million words,
but few people understand.
I've learned to hold some silent talks
with friends who don't demand.
A picture's worth a thousand words,
a smile's worth ten thousand more.
I've finally opened up to you,
got my foot inside the door.
The voices of silence call out to me.
Say what you will, I listen to what I see.
        -- Charmin Rothgeb



Words blazing with anger. People caught in little traps,
all tied together.
Try and get out.
Become lost in the effort.
Where to run next?
Go back to a quieter time.
Relax into thought.
Examine the motives of others,
those who are still trapped.
Some try to free themselves,
without success.
Others sit and wait to die.
Escape to freedom.
Run away from the traps.
But there are traps everywhere.
People are always caught.
There is no escape.
There is no freedom.
There is no point.
        -- Charmin Rothgeb
                     28 March 1996

What Next?
At twenty-eight, with hair flowing, his eyes know your soul.
He tries to shock you,
but you shock him.
A simple phrase, lots of flirting,
said to him for no reason.
Surprised, he responds positively.
Now you are the one who's shocked.
Is he serious?
Should you flirt more?
Maybe you should wait.
Let him move next.
If he's interested, he'll come around.
        -- Charmin Rothgeb



The Artist
A punch and a kick, a low shout.
With fluid movements, he looks like a dancer.
His heart races as he practices his art.
An art of balance, posture, quiet thought.
Power and strength in every movement.
He barely notices people watching.
Silent concentration while perfecting his art.
I believe him an artist, much greater than I.
        -- Charmin Rothgeb
                    19 February 1997

Gone Wrong
My life was good. I had love and knew what I was doing.
Suddenly, all is wrong.
My plans disappeared and the love changed.
There was one who helped.
One who promised everything would get better.
Enduring love for one.
Unrequited love for another.
Now, both are slipping away.
I can't do anything.
Jim beams at me with dark eyes.
My mind is fuzzy with bright lights and loud music.
Curled up in a ball, mentally counting my cigarettes.
A throbbing headache and cramping stomach.
They attack me from within and without.
A heart broken is poorly mended.
Let everything melt away.
Give me back my plans and let me have my love.
Let me have my sanity again.
       -- Charmin Rothgeb
                    3 May 1997



Working through a hangover.
Gin doesn't agree with him.
Having just thrown on some clothes,
he's never been more attractive.
His muscles showing through his shirt.
A shirt so thin, it's almost heavenly.
I wish he could read my mind.
Maybe he can and doesn't let on.
I wish I could read his mind.
Find out how he feels.
Only time will make that happen.
And time is all we have.
       -- Charmin Rothgeb
                    3 June 1997


We've never been close, but you were always near.
I was thinking of you
at the start of this new year.
I want to think we could date,
but is it in our fate?
        -- Charmin Rothgeb
                     1 January 1999


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